Are You Struggling With How To Handle Behaviors of Your Adopted Child?
The Step-By-Step Process To Effectively Managing Behaviors of Traumatized Children
The step-by-step process that enables foster and adoptive parents to calmly respond to trauma, discover the fear behind behavior, connect with your child during the hardest times, and dramatically transform your relationship!
  • Discover the #1 factor that determines how you will react to your child's misbehavior
  • How to identify the triggers and fears that are causing the misbehavior.
  • The simplest way to connect with your child during difficult times.
  • How the popular discipline strategy of time-out is harming your traumatized child and how to use a time-in technique instead.
"After several years of struggling to parent my attachment-challenged child, I finally discovered the key to connecting with my child during the hardest times and how to search for the fear behind the behavior. By staying calm and becoming attuned to where my child is emotionally, I have been able to more effectively manage behavior and transform our relationship!"
Penelope Webster and Adoption HEART Conference
Traditional Parenting Techniques Won't Help a Hurt Child
 With foster or adopted children that struggle with attachment, putting a child in time-out can feel like a form of banishment and rejection from your family, and can cause insecurity in a child’s mind. You may inadvertently be sending the message to your child: “You don’t want me around.” 
The first step in helping a child move from a dysregulated state to more calm behavior is supporting the child emotionally and building trust. 
The most effective tool for establishing connection during behaviors in using a time-in for discipline. - All Rights Reserved